Jasper, AB, Canada

My name is Hiroko, born and raised in Japan. I felt uncomfortable since my childhood while growing up in Japan, because there are many thoughts and ‘common sense’ in Japanese society which don’t fit my personality. For example, My mon often told me to bear your favorite TV program, tasty sweets, cute dolls, etc. and pass it to my sister because ‘I am the oldest child.’ It is common thought in Japan. On the other hand my sister is only 2 years younger, and I always felt why I had to give up.

When I was a university student in Kyoto, I joined an exchange program in Vancouver, Canada. This is my first experience living abroad. I was surprised how different Canadian way of life is, but I felt really comfortable. 18 years after, I went back to Canada to study Tourism and Hospitality, then worked for hotels there. I met people from various countries studying and working together, and learned variety of views and culture. Although it was busy at work, I enjoyed the life there as I was blessed with nice colleagues and friends.

Little India, Singapore

Then I moved to Singapore for work, ending up living there for 1.5 years. I worked a huge hotel as a Japanese-speaking guest services. It was busy because there were only two Japanese staffs working there, but what made me depressed was people working there forced me to be ‘100% Japanese’. As my view is blended with other cultures and had bitter experience how I was treated by Japanese before, it was tough although I tried my best. No one listened to me, no one understood how I felt. I felt lonely and depressed, and wished if I had had someone I could talk my feeling in the company. This is the first time I was interested in learning coaching and counselling.

Cherry blossom, Kyoto, Japan

After I moved to Kyoto, Japan, I found it was very hard for myself to adjust back to Japanese society. I could not enjoy life in Kyoto, and felt very down.

One day, I met a non-Japanese lady in a yoga class in Kyoto. We were having general conversation like how long you have been in Japan and so on. In the middle of conversation, I told her that I was just back from abroad. Then she said to me, ‘Oh, it is hard to adjust the life because it is different.’ I really felt relieved and happy as I felt she understood my tough time.

Since then I started to see my bright side and realized knowing both of Japanese view and non-Japanese view is unique. I recalled the time when I was thinking to learn coaching, then decided to take online life coaching course offered by Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver, Canada in 2019 to utilize my traits to help people living in foreign country, especially in Japan.

I offer my coaching in English and Japanese.

P.S. You will see some pictures in this site… I took them all! Photography is my hobby since I was in Vancouver.

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